Sunday, June 29, 2014

Take me out to the ball game!

Parker is LOVING t-ball this year! Last year was a bit rocky as he was a bit intimidated to go out on the field and play by himself, but this year is certainly different :) Mimi, Papa Murk, Nana, Papa Dave, Aunt Ashley, Uncle Heath and Baby Nora ALL came to watch him today. He was so proud! It warms my heart that he was so happy to have his family there :) A few (YEAH RIGHT!) pics of the happy little all-star....

I can't go on without saying how talented Parker is!  And no, I have never heard of a mother being biased at all :)  Parker can throw the ball from third to just shy of first base. It hits about 4 feet in front of the base and rolls where it is supposed to go. Not bad for 4 years old :) He almost always gets the ball where he wants it to go.... regardless of how far or close that is.   He can hit pretty well too! They called him "slugger" at his first practice.  I am kind of glad he doesn't know what the means... he might have gotten a bit big for his cute little baseball britches!

By far, the thing I love the most about t-ball is how Parker interacts with the other children. He really loves his team, and even goes out of his way to make one little girl feel comfortable (she started off the year a bit intimidated like Park did last year).  He always makes sure she goes out on the field with him and saves her a special spot :) Parker also looks out for his little brother, even though he is not playing. One of the coaches stands on home plate and hands out jelly beans as the kids pass home. Parker always asks for an extra and runs over to give it to his brother. Actually, the coach automatically gives him two now! The first time the Coach handed him a jelly bean, I don't think it crossed Park's mind to get one for Porter, but as he passed us siting behind the fence by the dugout, he stopped and gave it to Porter without even hesitating :) So sweet! At the end of each game, he also makes sure to get an extra snack and drink for Porter too.  I love that they are best friends.

I am so proud of the sweet boy Parker has become!

And I can't post without at least a few pics of Porter from this morning's game...  I could just squeeze this cute little guy!  He loves watching his brother play!

 Oh.... and he loves wearing mustaches :)

And seeing this sweet face walking toward me this morning was the highlight of my day!

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