Monday, July 14, 2014

Nora's First Birthday!

We had so much fun last weekend, I was sad it was over!  My sweet niece, Nora Grace, turned one  on Saturday.  Everybody knows I love a great party, and that is exactly what we had this weekend.  The weather was PERFECT and the party even more perfect!  Here are a few pics of the day...

 Nora started off the day with a little sweet tea... a must in the South :)  She LOVED it and therefore did NOT love when it was all gone...

Have you ever seen such a cute cry?

Nora really enjoyed her birthday cake!  I can't say that I blame her.. that was some of the best cake I have ever had.  And have you ever seen such an amazing first birthday cake?  It was beautiful... as was her smash cake!

Of course Heath brought an awesome bounce house that Parker and Porter played in ALL DAY (and the night before the party as well).  They had a blast!  I love watching them play with other kids... and boy did they play hard!  Most of the kids at the party were around Parker or Porter's age, so they had lots of playmates.  I found out the next day that Heath's brother, Justin, ended up with a black eye from all of the roughness... and I think it might have been Porter's head that did it?!   Ooops!

Nora got some great gifts as well!  This wagon was one of my favorites, as a friend actually made the the inscription the weekend before she passed away form an unexpected illness.  I love that she is still present in so many ways!

It was such a fun day and I am so glad that Nora Grace is apart of our lives... she is the sweetest little thing ever :)  I feel so lucky to have such amazing nieces and nephews :)  They make me so happy!

Ashley had intented to order some sugar cookies for the party, but the lady she was going to use was out of town that weekend.   I took that as an excuse to hit the kitchen and surprise her with some!   I love having an excuse to do anything crafty, so I really enjoyed making them. Plus they were for my Baby Nora so I enjoyed it even more :) Not to mention I never get to make anything pink!

Ashley and Heath did such a great job with the party!  But more importantly, they survived the first year of parenthood!  Ha!  They are incredible parents and Nora is one lucky little girl :)

And one last pic... this is Porter's ideas of being sweet to Nora's new baby doll.  Screwdriver in one hand, baby in the other.

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