Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's been a REALLY long time!  There is ALOT going on in our lives right now (all good, just busy, busy, busy!) so no promises on how often I will update, but I wanted to share a few of the things I don't want to forget! 

Today Parker said, "I love you infinity!  No.... I love you infinity plus ice cream... that is the most!"  I love how children see things :)

Porter is potty training ON HIS OWN!  What?!  Does that ever happen?!  We spent a few days outside last week swimming in our little blow up kiddo pool and Parker kept peeing on the bushes instead of coming inside.  Perhaps I shouldn't share that with everyone, but I really didn't want him tracking water through the house every 30 minutes!  Just keeping it real.  Any ways, Porter thought it was fun so he ended up peeing outside all week too.  Of course, he still went in his diaper some too, but it was a start!  Now, several times this week, has said, "poo poo on the potty (which we are pretty sure he thinks just means go potty)" and he runs to the bathroom.  I help him take off his diaper and he pees every time and he has done the other twice now!  A little too much info?  You know you are a mom of toddlers when you are proud of poo poo moments!

Also, they other night I was putting Porter to sleep and he was climbing into his bed when he suddenly stopped and said, "rock a baby!"  He turned around, ran to his rocking chair and climbed up in it.  I sat down beside him and he rested his head on me and started to sing rock a bye baby.  I have not rocked him to sleep in SO LONG and I had no idea he even knew that song!  Such a sweet moment!   We rocked for a while and I ate up ever second!

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