Monday, August 20, 2012

Staples are out!

Parker got his staples out today!

Jerod took him to the doctor because (1) Porter was ready for a nap and (2) I wasn't sure if I could stomach it! 

Before they left, Parker told me he was going to the doctor to get his staples taken out and then basically skipped out the door.  I wasn't sure if he knew what that meant, but he seemed fine with it!  So when Parker got home, he handed me a little cup with the staples in it and said, "I got a sucker!  These came out of my hair!"  It was almost as if he were excited about it!  Haha :)

Jerod said Parker flipped out when they tried to weigh him, but didn't even flinch when they pulled the staples out! Go figure...

I am glad that little adventure is over!  Although I am pretty sure it was more taxing for me than for  Parker.... it did not slow him down ONE BIT!

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  1. Just got caught up with the blog! So great to read these Parker updates!